Why You Need to Have a Sandblaster

Why You Need to Have a Sandblaster


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The sandblaster is a powerful piece of equipment that you might not even know you need when you’re doing a paint job. Whether it is a small, hand-held sandblasting device used by a weekend warrior or commercial sandblasting equipment used by a reliable contractor, you will likely need one in the not too distant future, if you haven’t already.

Blasting techniques might differ, depending on what type of job you have and sandblaster you are using. But, being able to operate your machine with precision and skill can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

If you are facing a painting job, most likely the thing you are going to paint has been painted a time or two before. Any commercial painter will tell you that priming your painting surface is the first thing you must do. This is where your sandblaster comes in and does its magic. When a surface has been relieved of its earlier layers of paint, then it is time to apply your new surface. You want to make sure your temperatures are right for painting. If the temperature is below 60 degrees or above 90 degrees, prep with the sandblaster first, then paint later when the temperature falls back into the ideal range.

Glossy paints are more stain-resistant and scrubbable, but they can be sandblasted just as easily as any other kind of paint. When you are removing the paint with a sandblaster, you are making way for a smoother coat of paint, one that will shine and last for a long while to come.

A sandblaster can also smooth out rough surfaces. These surfaces might not have been painted before, thus having no need for paint removal. In new construction, it is often the case that two wooden joints might leave imperfections in the fittings after being secured. A sandblaster can smooth that rough surface and make it smooth for the painting to come.

Another very good use for the sandblaster is to use it to take off the rust. Auto body shop workers will likely tell you that they use their sandblasters to smooth out a car or truck before they painting. Often, rust can eat around the metal of the car’s body and by using a sandblaster, an auto painter will remove that rust and smooth out the remaining metal.

But sandblasters aren’t just for priming a surface. They can also be used to smooth out glass in particular designs. In stained glass work, in particular, sandblasting in the hands of those who are skilled can produce a beautiful piece of finished glass.

Sandblasters are also used in Europe and elsewhere to strip down and clean buildings that have been accumulating dirt and grime for many years. Seeing these enormous sandblasters in action is truly an amazing sight.

Whether you are blasting clean a 900-year-old church, painting your living room, our making a piece of stained glass shiny, a sandblaster is a tool you will always need.

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