Winterizing Your Home From Attic Insulation to Scheduling Regular Inspections

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Winterizing Your Home From Attic Insulation to Scheduling Regular Inspections


When you want your home to be well insulated, it’s important to have enough insulation in the attic. A lot of heat and cooling can be lost from the home through an attic that needs more insulation. One way to get the insulation you need is to call a company that offers spray insulation services. They will be able to retrofit attic insulation to create enough of a barrier against the temperatures outside.

Many companies will give you a free insulation quote and can install super attic insulation. Several homeowners get full foam insulation to provide a thick barrier to keep the heating and cooling inside. This doesn’t have to be that expensive to do, and it can save you a lot of energy in the long run. With better insulation, you don’t have to run the HVAC unit as much to make the home comfortable.

Getting new insulation can make your home so comfortable that you want to entertain more.Moree insulation in the attic can also make that room more comfortable, and you may decide to finish the room to add to your home’s square footage and have more space for living.

Are you in the process of winterizing your home? Since you want to be comfortable throughout the winter months, here are a few tips to assist you with doing so.

Does Your Home Need Insulating or Repairs?

On average, you’ll usually spend 45% of your energy bill on heating your home. If your attic isn’t well-insulated, you could lose a considerable amount of heat through the roof. Inadequate attic insulation can cost up to 20% of every dollar you spend on heating your home.

You’ll also want to take care of repairing any small cracks or holes. It’s possible that you could lose about 25% of your heat if you have gaps cracks, or holes in your windows, doors, and other areas of your home.

Is Your Heating System Properly Installed?

Another factor that can affect your home’s comfort level is improperly installed equipment. When equipment isn’t installed properly, it can potentially decrease your home’s heating efficiency by 30%.

Have You Replaced Your Heating System Recently?

If you haven’t replaced your heating system for over 12 to 15 years, you may need to do so before cold weather sets in. You may also want to replace your existing system if it has any of these issues:

  • Needs constant repairs
  • Provides insufficient heat
  • Cycles on and off irregularly
  • Consumes more energy in order to function
  • Makes unusual noises

Do You Have an Energy-Efficient Furnace?

Do you have an average-sized or a small home? Average-sized homes don’t necessarily need furnaces with BTU ratings over 60,000. Smaller homes don’t require high BTU ratings, either. This is because these furnaces will cost more and won’t provide a consistent comfort level due to their attaining the desired temperature faster and shutting off.

Although the minimum rating requirement for furnaces is 80%, many furnaces have a higher Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). If your furnace has an AFUE of 90% to 95%, then it is a high-efficiency furnace.

Another good reason to consider installing a high-efficiency system is because some local utility companies offer rebates. In some areas of the country, these rebates can be up to $400.00.

Have you Considered a Programmable Thermostat?

Programmable thermostats can assist you with cutting down on heating costs. This is because they can be programmed to heat your home when you’re there and lower the temperature when you’re away. This can potentially lower your heating costs by ten percent.

Furthermore, when you lower your temperature just two degrees, you will usually be able to save roughly five percent on your heating costs. Some people choose to turn their thermostats down or off when they go to sleep. Whether or not you choose to do this will depend on weather and health conditions.

Do You Have a Dehumidification System?

In order to remove moisture from basements and other areas of your home, you may want to use a dehumidification system. ACs and air purifiers may also be recommended, as these systems provide different functions. Your HVAC technician will take several factors into consideration when they recommend a dehumidification system. ACs and air purifiers may be used throughout the year to reduce musty odors and improve air quality.

When a local HVAC technician visits your home, they will be able to determine which rooms would most benefit from a dehumidification system. ACs and air purifiers may only be required in specific rooms. Some households may prefer a dehumidification system. ACs, however, will obviously provide cool air when the weather warms up.

Have You Been Scheduling Routine Inspections?

It’s important to have your heating system inspected on a regular basis. When you contact an HVAC technician, they will be able to take care of several issues for roughly $80.00 to $100.00. In addition to inspecting your furnace or heat pump to determine whether or not it is clean and in good condition, they will also measure for carbon-monoxide leakage.

You may also want to consider having a preventive maintenance service contract. For about $70.00 to $100.00, a technician will replace your air filter as well as clean and service your unit.

Since you want your home to be as comfortable as possible throughout the winter, you can ask your local HVAC technician for more tips. Contacting your local utility company is also an excellent idea.

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