How Can You Estimate the Size of a Water Damage Restoration Project


Looking to start a career in water restoration services, but don’t know how to start? The Youtube channel, Water Damage Restoration Channel, provides some basics on what you’ll need to operate a successful water damage restoration business.

Consider the tools that your technicians will need to do the job properly. By providing items such as iPads, laser measures, thermal cameras, moisture meters, and software such as Xactimate, any water damage job will have the right information that insurance companies will need to generate the necessary costs to repair the damage.

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To save cost and time on travelling distances from one place to another, ensuring the iPads have adequate internet service will allow your technicians to deliver the correct information to the insurance companies quickly.

It also helps to take down detailed notes and images. The more details, the more accurate the restoration, the happier your customers and employees. By providing quality information and training to your employees, the more successful your business will be overall. By teaching them extra skills, you’re more likely to retain your employees for longer, especially if you give them a chance to climb the ladder by offering a better paying position for quality work.

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