Learn What Goes Into Installing Your Own AC Unit

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Learn What Goes Into Installing Your Own AC Unit


This video discusses various aspects of AC installation for those who want to try their hand at installing their own AC devices. AC installation is usually a several-part process in which some work is done outside of the home, and some is done inside the home. The outside part of the work starts with disconnecting the power so that no power comes out of the box while the installation is going on.

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The second part of the process involves using a recovery box to remove the existing refrigerant from the other air conditioner. That gets recycled and sent back to a company that uses it at a later time.

The next step in the process is taking measurements of the area so that the installers can meet the code requirements. The installer has to ensure that there is enough room for the unit to be serviced when necessary and that the area is safe for all people who will be around the unit. After that part, the installer puts down some brush rock and resets the pad so that the new unit will be leveled up. Old units usually start sinking down a little bit, which is why the pad needs to be reset before the new system gets installed.

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