Include Accent Lighting with The Cabinets and Drawers Updated In Remodeling

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Include Accent Lighting with The Cabinets and Drawers Updated In Remodeling


With remodeling projects available to improve the value of any home, a great deal can be updated both to the interior or exterior of your home whenever you see fit. Even something as simple as accent lighting has the ability to improve the appearance and value of different rooms along with the remodeling projects that you decide to take on. Additionally, the kitchen and the bathroom are the two most commonly remodeled rooms inside homes with the ability to increase value with the return on investment gained from these two rooms.

Cabinets of the Kitchen and Bathroom

With the kitchen and the bathroom being the most beneficial rooms to include in the remodeling of your home, there is a great deal to gain from the update of the cabinets in both of those rooms. Typically, any remodeling project is made up of about 40-50% of cabinet costs in either of these rooms. Different features of the cabinets may be an improvement to the efficiency of your kitchen or bathroom, while there are many different cabinet updates that can be made. Some of the different features of cabinets that you may benefit from in the kitchen or bathroom include the following:

  • Decorative knobs and pulls
  • Cabinet door locking hardware
  • Cabinet furniture knobs
  • Cabinet latches
  • Cabinet pulls
  • Hardware for cabinets
  • Key locks for cabinets

These are only some of the accessories and features that can be added to the cabinet upgrades that are made to both the kitchen and the bathroom. They can help with the addition of space or security, along with added safety with some cabinets that are able to close better and remain closed much more safely.

Addition of Drawers and Other Features in Remodeling

Throughout the upgrade of the kitchen and bathroom, there is also much to benefit from the update of drawers and other areas of space and storage. These can all be upgraded to hold the materials needed, while also added to help with the safety of garbage can storage and the location where all of the dangerous utensils are held in your home where the children can be at risk. Some of those updates with the drawers and additional features in the kitchen and bathroom include the following:

  • Drawer slides
  • Drawer locks
  • Heavy duty drawer slides
  • Heavy-duty drawer runners
  • Rear mount drawer slides
  • Soft close drawer slides
  • Cabinet drawer slides
  • Bottom mount soft close drawer slides

So many different drawers can open, available in different sizes and with different capabilities. Some of these are able to provide features for improved appearance or functionality. With the amount of every remodeling project usually spent on cabinets and drawers, there is much to gain from the benefits that they add.

Add Accent Lighting to Remodeling Projects

In addition to the update of drawers, cabinets, flooring, furniture, and other items within any room, there is the ability to add accent lighting for an overall improvement. These lights can be included in the cabinets, helping with the vision that may be needed when rooms are dark and items need to be found. Without the need to constantly turn on the more massive lights of an entire room in order to find a small object, the accent lights within cabinets, drawers, and other locations can help with energy savings as well. Accent lighting is just as great an upgrade or advancement for all rooms of the home, with movement to the next updates available for the home.

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