Low Refrigerant? Freon Leak? Check This First!

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Low Refrigerant? Freon Leak? Check This First!


Are you the proud owner of an HVAC unit? For most people, an HVAC unit is a lifesaver. The problem is though that many things can go wrong and there are some things we can fix and some things we can’t. In this video, we take a look at the possibility of solving freon leak repair. When getting into ac installation, the last thing you want to think about is a leak.

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Freon is the fluid that keeps the coils cool that chills the air that enters your home. Calling plumbing services can be expensive, for instance, if you are in Corona CA, you can look up AC installation Corona CA and someone can help you, but most homeowners probably want to avoid this if they can. Before getting plumbing repairs, check the unit to make sure that all the fittings are secure. Most HVAC units come with a plastic fitting that will usually begin to crack and break. Try to replace these first with copper fittings before you get into the hassle of calling a repair company.

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