What Are the Different Types of Above Ground Pools


This video discusses the five types of above ground pools. The five types are semi-in-ground, hybrid, resin, steel, and rolled aluminum.

Semi-in-ground is partially in-ground and partially above ground pool.

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There are made from 1/4 inch tongue and groove aluminum slats. These slats fit together for strength and can be placed halfway into the ground. This is the most expensive of these five.

Rolled aluminum is made from one continuous sheet of aluminum. This type of pool does not rust and is ideal for sale water sanitation systems. Rolled aluminum is the second most expensive option.

Resin pools have advanced since the 80s, when they were first developed. You want to use Synflex Resin, which is a high-quality material. Resin pools are also ideal for saltwater sanitation systems.

Steel has improved drastically. This is are the most liked among pool installers. The larger the frame of this above ground pool means, the stronger it is. This is the most cost-effective pool style.

Hybrid pools are a combination of resin and steel. It has the strength of steel with the characteristics of the resin.

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